Document Examinations in the Field Without Internet!


A tablet-based system that is easy to configure, quick to set up on location, and cost effective!

Works Without Internet

Take the app into the field. A laptop acts as your local “hub.” Sync to the cloud when connected to the internet!

Unlimited Connectivity

There’s no limit to the number of devices that can connect to your cloud account.

Unlimited Exam Forms

Our simple exam form generator allows you to customize the user experience.

Export Your Data

Export your data into excel for analysis or transfer to other systems.

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Created by a Medical Professional!
A skilled team ready to assist!

Syncly originated as a tool to accommodate a team of vision and dermatology professionals.

Specifically, we created Syncly to log examination data while providing crucial health care services in Africa outside of areas with internet access.

Syncly is a product from Neovix, Inc. Neovix is a creative think-tank, committed to creating mobile apps and web-based solutions with great value to worldwide users.

Our team consists of app developers, web architects, database experts, hardware wizards, and social media specialists.


    We love the cloud! All our projects are tied to online storage and access.


    The world is shifting away from computers, and onto their mobile devices

  • DATA

    Data capture and analysis is essential for business decision making.

  • APPS

    We embrace the flexibility of mobile apps.

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