SYNCLY is an EMR (Electronic medical records) platform designed to be customized for each client. SYNCLY was specifically developed for small teams that work remotely, and not connected to the internet during their data collection, but certainly have a need to collect and centralize data.

Getting Started:

  1. ConfigureĀ  your Syncly account and subscription
  2. Setup your exam forms
  3. Configure your users/access/rights
  4. Plan your hardware (Hardware specifications are found on our Technical Requirements page)
  5. A strong laptop
  6. A wireless router to talk to the tablets (We have router suggestions depending upon the locations)
  7. We prefer android tablets due to cost, however IOS can also be used.

After Setup is Completed

  • Before visiting a location, the laptop is synchronized with all your data stored online.
  • At the location you setup your laptop as the “hub” for accessing and saving exam data
  • The tablets “talk” to the laptop through the router, and retrieve and save old and new data on the laptop.
  • At the end of the day, you break down the laptop and return to your office or hotel, and connect the laptop to the internet
  • Your data captured in the field synchronizes to the cloud storage.